Hallux Valgus Silikon Schiene Doppelzeh


Soft silicone toe spreaders
  • against hallux valgus pain
  • to correct the misalignment of the big toe
  • Relieves the tendon
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • can be worn under socks
  • can be worn in any shoe
  • is worn over the big toe and the 2nd toe

Contents  : 1 pair        Color  : white


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This silicone hallux valgus splint with band, specially developed for hallux valgus, can be worn under your own socks and in any shoe. These silicone hallux valgus splints with band are made of soft silicone. They are worn over the big toe and ensure the correct position of the big toe. This relieves the big toe joint. Pain is reduced, inflammation is reduced. In addition, another silicone pad protects the sensitive big toe joint on the outside. This makes it easier for you to wear any shoe again.

It is important to have the big toe in the right position day and night.

You can also use our  hallux valgus splint overnight.

By using the silicone hallux splint with band during the day and the hallux valgus splint at night, we tackle the problem at the source. As a result, inflammation of the big toe metatarsophalangeal joint can decrease.

The hallux forms over the years

Hallux valgus develops over years, even decades. This is often due to our shoes. They are not only high shoes, high heels, but also good mountaineering boots with very hard soles. But it’s not just about shoes, it’s also about walking on our flat ground. The foot is no longer really used, and in many cases there is no rolling over the metatarsophalangeal joint at all.

For this we had to walk more and more barefoot on meadows, gravel paths and natural soil,

But few do it and it is deadly. Because the muscles and tendons shorten, which then leads to the extensor tendon of the big toe pulling too far and pushing the big toe joint outwards.

The most important thing now is to eliminate the cause, tension and shortening of the muscles that led to the hallux.

This happens mainly through simple changes, movements and optimizations in everyday life.

This is an excerpt from the  book Life Without Pain  | Copyright Karin Schoechlin

Using a silicone hallux valgus splint with a strap
  • relieve the big toe joint
  • bring the big toe into the correct position
  • tendon relief
  • relaxation of the muscles
  • pain reduction
  • Eliminate the cause

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